Dear Google, I respect your triumphs and learn from your endeavors in Human-Computer Interaction. You also have many good friends of mine that I know you’re good taking care of. But I have one polite request from you: Please disconnect my youtube service to my gmail account. Months ago, IContinue Reading

I had the pleasure and luck to not only attended the Grace Hopper’s Celebration of Women in Computing 2011, but also I got a Hopper volunteer position and I volunteered at one of Jo Miller’s great workshops. So, below are my notes for the workshop: It is time to proactivelyContinue Reading

I do arts and crafts. I also do informal scripted and improvisation acting. I do anything from elaborate costumes and props, to in-depth character study & period-specific costuming research. Those hobbies sound pretty far from what a computer scientist does, right? But, these experiences have given me invaluable lessons thatContinue Reading

Classes in grad school, or just research in general usually involve reading a TON of readings, conference articles, journal articles, and other papers. And there will come the time where you will ask yourself “What paper said that Virtual Reality’s ideal for architectural applications? Did I read it for myContinue Reading

So I was just asked about how I got WordPress running on this site, which is under the the computer science department domain. For those that aren’t Virginia Tech graduate students, graduate students get space on the servers here, and a portion of it is set for webspace. So, inContinue Reading

Here are some professional goals: Use LinkedIn more. It appears more like facebook in its features and who you can interact with others, so this should be interesting to use this kind of like another facebook applications Develop my social network even more. This means encouraging myself to be moreContinue Reading

As you may have noticed, I chose WordPress as a website management system when I looked at upgrading my website. This is my real “Hello World” post! One of the biggest reasons why I chose WordPress when upgrading my website was the ease of use. The easier it is forContinue Reading