So I was just asked about how I got WordPress running on this site, which is under the the computer science department domain.

For those that aren’t Virginia Tech graduate students, graduate students get space on the servers here, and a portion of it is set for webspace. So, in theory, every computer science graduate student can have their own web page. Other students may be under similar constraints, and in this article, I give a quick guide on how I did it.

Regardless of who you are, you should absolutely have your own professional website, for the very least so that your website can come up when someone does a google search for your name.

Now, onto this very short guide on how I did it:


1. Get access to a mySQL database. VT CS students, you just need to email and as for a mySQL database. They will give you a a database name and password.

2. Follow the 5-minute install guide on WordPress found here: WordPress’s Famous 5-Minute Installation Tutorial

The only difference is that in WordPress’s Step 2, you don’t need to make your own database, since Tech Support should have done that for you.

And that’s it! If you have any questions, go send them to the comments below.

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