While this may be my shortest list, it’s also the toughest ones to complete. Here are some of my few tentative academic goals: Submit and publish to Symposium of 3D UI. Preferably, this is best with a more in-depth study of my current fabric work. Participate in one additional projectContinue Reading

For Digital Game-Based Learning, we all selected one off the shelf video game to play. The goal is to see, from a gamer and an educational perspective, what can we learn from the game to make us better game designers. Word Count: 248 ——————————————————————————————- Okami is an action game whereContinue Reading

For Digital Game-Based Learning class, we write up reflections on different readings, with a word limit of 250 words. This time, we had to pick a favorite video game character, and do the reflections through them. I chose GlaDoS from Portal. GlaDoS, always voiced with an indifferent tone, is theContinue Reading

Here are some professional goals: Use LinkedIn more. It appears more like facebook in its features and who you can interact with others, so this should be interesting to use this kind of like another facebook applications Develop my social network even more. This means encouraging myself to be moreContinue Reading

There’s a saying that notes how if you write something, it’s yours. You own up to the writing, it becomes a physical form of you. By writing down my goals, I hope to own up to my goals and become closer to accomplishing them. Unfortunately, sometimes my creative endeavors areContinue Reading

I was fortunate enough to win the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship in 2010. I have quite a bit of friends who are applying for it this year, so it would be helpful to share some of the tips I gathered. Here is a collection of tips and adviceContinue Reading

As you may have noticed, I chose WordPress as a website management system when I looked at upgrading my website. This is my real “Hello World” post! One of the biggest reasons why I chose WordPress when upgrading my website was the ease of use. The easier it is forContinue Reading