There’s a saying that notes how if you write something, it’s yours. You own up to the writing, it becomes a physical form of you. By writing down my goals, I hope to own up to my goals and become closer to accomplishing them.

Unfortunately, sometimes my creative endeavors are more neglected than my academic or professional ones, just by being a graduate student.

Below are a list of my more creative endeavors I would like to pursue for the upcoming  year. These can be either tutorials or full creations.

  • Write up a tutorial on how to make your own VICON markers. We already played around with this, others could benefit.
  • Develop soft props. Such props can be used for a wide variety of creative and/or research applications
  • Make Virginia Tech-based jewelery.I have been collecting materials (as I do for many creative projects) but need to do it.
  • Learn how to fuse glass.Whether it’s a pendant or earrings, fused glass makes the most interesting results. Most of my fused glass-based jewelery get compliments.
  • Design, plan, construct and complete 4 costumes/garments. It’ll be good practice for me to know of my audience that I’m designing for.

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