We explored how fabric, a commonplace medium, can be used as a 3D input device to design surfaces, more specifically costume and garment design.

The below video highlights an early version of the system,and shows a sketch of how interacting with fabric could look like, and how we can use it for design.


Leal, A., Schaefer, L., Bowman, D., Quek, F., and Stiles, C. “3D Sketching Using Interactive Fabric for Tangible and Bimanual Input.” In the proceedings of Graphics Interface 2011. May 2011. (31% acceptance rate)

Leal, A., Bowman, D., and Quek, F. “Innovative 3D Surface Design Using Fabric: 3D Tangible, Two-Handed Direct Input.” CHI 2010, at CHIMe Workshop & Grace Hopper’s Celebration of Women in Computing 2010.